Life Coaching

Life coaching is a form of pragmatic, outcome-focussed, talking therapy. In a busy world, life coaching provides a safe, non-judgemental space to focus purely on you and your personal development. You may be interested in coaching for a number of reasons, common examples include:

  • Reducing/ managing stress and anxiety
  • Wanting to improve your relationship with others
  • Wanting to create a healthier, more balanced lifestyle
  • Making a difficult or big life decision
  • Managing a period of change
  • Improving self-awareness and self-management
  • Identifying your key strengths and learning how to capitalise on them
  • Learning more about your personality via psychometric assessment
  • Returning to work after maternity, paternity or adoption leave
  • Returning to work after long-term sick leave
  • Identifying life goals and mapping out a success plan
  • Wanting to improve your confidence
  • Managing the transition from work to retirement
  • Seeking to improve anger management/ temper control

All life coaching sessions take place at Helen’s purpose-built therapy space in Middleton Stoney, Oxfordshire.